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One Strange Sä-gə

Those who read yesterday’s brief ramble will know that I’m mid-mid-term season; it’s Reading Week, and over the course of the past few days, I’ve been running group cram sessions and organizing my thoughts where my upcoming eight assessments are concerned.  Through all of this preparation (most of which I don’t typically effect, though I should – I’m putting pressure on myself this time around because all of these assessments are occurring near-consecutively), I’ve begun thinking about the assortment of ways in which one can work to prepare for tests both standarized and course-specific.

The below, then, is a brief list of things that I and those people I occasionally help out have found useful during prep. time; it isn’t at all extravagant, but some individuals I know claim that these suggestions have worked for them, so I figured I’d post.

N.b.:  Some of these may appear to…

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