A promise to myself

It doesn’t matter that “that’s not fair”.

It doesn’t matter that “she shouldn’t be treating you like this”.

What matters at the end of the day, in job interviews, when explaining life situations to newly made friends so they know you’re not just ignoring them… What matters is that you fought as hard as you could to get out of that situation, to get out of it, or to reconstrue it as “not a problem” anymore.

Because no one is going to come in and save you, or take you on the journey to somewhere else in the Tardis, or set justice right and put your harasser to deserved shame.

At the end of the day, don’t be the companion, waiting for someone to come whisk you away on an adventure. Don’t even be the companion who does amazing things in her spare time until the doctor notices and comes around to help.

Be the Doctor. Steal your own Tardis. Travel, chase your dreams, and help others too!


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